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"We lean on Renata's review and critical thinking for our most important global marketing decisions for our software company. She brings valuable insights and global expertise in social media, digital, training, content, thought leadership, SEO and branding. "
Ian Hanou, CEO Plan-IT-Geo, a SaaS company in Geospatial Technology, Denver, USA

"Renata's advice was helpful for me to think out of the box on the new market opportunities. She has extensive experience that transforms into concepts that are easy to embrace and implement. That's the beauty of wisdom, it's often not complex, but getting to that point is hard. That's where Renata can help you as she helped us at Standuply"
Alex Kistenev, CEO Standuply, a SaaS company, Siberia, Russia

"Renata brought a unique and rare mix of digital strategy creativity and analytical rigor that really helped us hone in on the most effective and engaging approaches to communicating with audiences that would have the largest impact on our business. Renata is passionate about her work and continued push us to find success with new strategies. I highly recommend you work with Renata on your digital marketing strategy and efforts."
Madeline Mbeh, Global Learning and Community Manager, Inteleos, a Healthcare Global Organization, USA

"Working with Renata Lerch has been a very enriching experience. She’s always ready to respond to our requests with the flexibility and confidence required in global markets. One of Renata's best qualities is that she will not always agree with your opinion, just to please you, the client. Renata will act on what is best for the project, and if required, will drastically change the course of actions for best results. Her extensive experience with international markets allows her company to provide strong partnership and means for a sustainable growth, regardless of the size of your business. My experience has been very productive, Renata understands our needs and available resources to build our business. This is a unique skill; she can provide great insights to both small and large companies, taking into consideration their individual culture, pace and resources. The results of her work are rapidly noticeable. Dynamic and sustainable results are key to the current business environment. I’m sure that our partnership will continue to grow along E-Open’s business phases."
Andre Escudero, President, E-Open International Technology, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Renata is a strategic thinker who understands the global business landscape and how to properly introduce products and services into different markets. I have been impressed with her business acumen and diplomacy skills which are essential when working for a global organization. Through her tenacity in challenging the status quo, she has moved ASQ forward by offering new and creative solutions that have led to positive outcomes."
Michael Barry, Director Global Marketing, Milwaukee, USA

"Com 20 anos de experiência em gestão de empresas na 
América Latina, Estados Unidos e Europa, Renata Lerch tem 
conhecimento e experiência em diversas áreas de negócios, 
permitindo ampla atuação em mercados locais e internacionais no desenvolvimento e 
implementação de uma variedade de estratégias de marketing e 
vendas, com o objetivo de estabelecer presença de mercado e 
maximizar resultados financeiros, resultando em um crescimento 

Lucila Masini, Franchise Owner, Mrs. Jeff, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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